Helping Out The Ebike Team Ahead of A Large Promotion

Howdy AC Builders Fans and welcome to another exciting instalment of Auckland City Builder Diaries.

Building Job Details

In today’s job diary, we talk about a job we had the other day. We had been in Auckland’s C.B.D near K Road, providing a hand to Maurice from the Ebike Team and some shop fixes he needed at his big electric bike NZ shop.

He was seeking a builder urgently after the one he booked failed to show. It was only a small job, with some new door handles needing replacing and some shelving units to requiring proper installation.

Nevertheless, he needed them done urgently so he could reorganize the electric bike displays before a new sales promotion.

    A Busy Week For AC Builders.

    We had a little bit on that week but with some inventive maneuvering and pushing another project out, we were able to fit in the Ebike Team and make them our most important priority.

    We all got families and fundamental humans need so it’s not hard to relate to the disaster taking place and pulling in all the stops to assist another person out. Plus those slothful tradies that wasted Maurice’s time mired the excellent rep of tradespeople throughout New Zealand, so it wasn’t simply a personal mission, it was actually a mission to restore our shared reputation.

    That and the fact I was looking a buying an electric bike from an NZ retailer for months now, so my interest was definitely perked.

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      Cleared Our Schedule

      Having cleared up our schedule we learned that we were able to stop by and produce our well known Auckland building service earlier than envisioned.

      The very first thing the following day actually, a little miracle actually – much to the Ebike Team’s delight. In some cases, it is the small things that make being a builder well worth it.

      Witnessing the smiles on their faces made dropping some work and pulling favours easier to swallow.

        Some Initial Struggles At The Ebike Team

        It was not all fun and games, however, and it swiftly became apparent why the other tradies never turned up. When we attempted pulling in to the drive-way to unload our building things, our ute could not make it into the underground carpark.

        The roof was way to low and nearly ripped off our roof racks. We had to back up and think of a different approach. A ciggie and half a Burger king beverage later we decided to park on the road instead.

        Sounds easy but in Auckland city, finding parking is difficult. It took about 15 minutes and lots of u-turning but we eventually nabbed a spot when someone thankfully moved out.

        We got that sucker parked up safely where we needed it and no one lost a limb. It’s a small miracle really, all part of the job when you are a builder.

          A Few Hours Later

          Fast forward a couple of hours and we got nearly all of the initial labor sorted and pretty much ready for the actual work to begin.

          Time truly does fly when you’re making an effort and concentrating on the job at hand. It stops your brain from wandering and thinking about unnecessary things like the kids or contemplating life’s great mysteries like how should I complete the wall? Being busy is a great thing.

            Working Hard At The Ebike Team

            With the prep just about all sorted, we could finally settle into the real work and get the shelving units done that we came here to do.

            It was a good thing we did the prep work as the actual job was quite a complicated one with many tricks being pulled out of the hat. The shelving units needed a strong anchor point to fix to hooks to the wall. Trouble was the wall was mostly steel and getting our drill bits through them was a real test of patience.

            Last time I cheapen out on subpar drill bits.
            Eventually, we manage to get one shelving unit up and we put the heaviest ebike onto one to try it out. The hooks held the weight of the ebike without trouble and we proceeded to load up 6 more NZ ebikes without any troubles at all. The ebike team was thrilled.

            It wasn’t until after 6 when I had the job sorted, it came out fantastic in the end and with my job finished, the team could organize the store in time for their big sale.

            That job ended up being all good in hindsight but what a rough ride it was! You never what the day will bring in this job.

              AC Builders did a professional job and provided an excellent service which we are very happy with.

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