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Howdy AC Builders Fans and welcome to another exciting installment of Auckland City Builder Diaries.

The Details

I thought I’d do something different today.  A change is as good as a rest as they say!

Just in case you’re getting sick of me talking I thought I’d interview an expert.  I’ll see how this goes and if you guys like it, I’ll keep doing more like this.

My first expert is a guy who’s been installing security cameras Auckland wide for more than 10 years, and it’s a subject I’m really interested in.

    Auckland Security Cameras

    He is Brian from Auckland Security Cameras Ltd & I wanted to ask him if he had any ideas about stopping thefts from hard working tradies like me.

    “Yes of course mate.  It’s a real problem for builders in Auckland & it has been for years.  Especially people breaking into tradie vehicles and stealing from construction sites.

    The constructions site one is probably the easier of the 2 to sort out.”

    Why’s that?  I would have thought the other way around … mind you I’m a builder not a security consultant with 10 years in the trenches.

    “Don’t get me wrong, sites can be tricky too, especially if there’s no power on yet.

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      Think of it like this.  

      Every CCTV system needs 2 things to make it really useful in 2020 and beyond.  Power and Internet.

      Once power is on at the site you’ve really got no excuses not to have it covered by cameras.  We’ve done a lot of sites where we fit the cameras on temporary poles that the builders put up attached to the site office container.  Nice and simple cable runs into the container for power and internet.

      You don’t need to worry too much about distance away from the camera because you can always fit cameras with powerful zoom lenses.  Of course the more you zoom in the less width you see.

      Even if you want cameras on different parts of the site it’s no biggie.  We can run outdoor UV resistant cabling from the camera to the site office container & you’re away laughing. “

        Ok so power I understand but why do you need internet?

        “Well nowadays everyone wants to see their cameras 24/7 on any device & that normally means on their mobile, and that means we need to connect the CCTV to the internet modem.  

        Also with some systems they can be setup to send notifications to your phone when they sense movement.  Just be careful here because a lot of installers will promise you the earth and then you’ll end up disabling it after 10 minutes because you’ve had 300 false alerts from every insect in the area flying in from of the lens!!.”

          So bottom lime get it set up by an expert!

          “Exactly.  And preferably by one who under-promises and then over-delivers.  Only someone like us who’s been doing this for years will be like that!”

          Ok Brian, what about the trade vehicles?  That really sucks when that happens and I know so many guys who that’s happened to.

          “Yep.  It’s a problem because they’re a bugger to protect and easy to get into.

          You’ve really got to think.  Technology isn’t enough here.  Use some common dog and get the highest value stuff secured elsewhere overnight, or bolted down inside th vehicle.  If you can mount cameras looking at the vehicle great, and you could get sensors activating you of intruders.  

          I highly recommend sensor activated flood lighting always in the area where the vehicle is parked.

          In fact that’s probably the most overlooked thing about cctv cameras.  They need light!  Problem is at night the sun goes down.  So don’t ever expect the results to be as good at night as they are in daytime.  Of course good strong, white, diffuse lighting is a huge help, but again be realistic.

          Focus on one or two critical areas where a bad guy is almost certain to pass through and do everything you can to protect those.”

          And get it done by an expert right?

          “Right!  Nothing’s more expensive than a cheap security system that doesn’t work!”

          Nice one!.  Ho w do people get in touch with you Brian.

          Call me anytime on 09 5517716 or hit our website & get a quote.

          Thanks mate.  I’m just off to secure my tools a bit better!

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