Coopers Real Estate Requires Urgent Auckland Builder

Howdy AC Builders Fans and welcome to another exciting installment of Auckland City Builder Diaries.

Building Job Details

In today’s job diary we are talking about Aidan Cooper from Cooper’s Real Estate and their vila renovation job located in Ponsonby Auckland.

Aidan is a real estate agent that sells Auckland real estate and is also a property manager amongst many other things involved with property.

I’ve worked with him on many housing developments where he purchase low and sold high, no wonder he drives a Gallardo while I’m still in my 89′ Safari.

Anyway. they rang up saying they needed Auckland’s best builder urgently after getting the run around from Five various builders and they started to get despondent.

Despondent – like that word? Bet you didn’t think builder’s were clever did ya? Well we know a few tricky words. Doing you a heckin’ bamboozle aren’t we?

    We know memes too.

    Enough procrastination, back to our builder’s diary. 

    The work was without a doubt running behind the time frame and the young couple staying in the home didn’t have a working kitchen.

    And that might not seem like a big problem to you but the guy has allergies to 5 major food groups, meaning that any takeaways were off on the menu.

    The poor wife was cooking his food over the engine block of his mint 77′ Commodore and it took half the evening cause they didn’t have a portable cooker.

    This particular project had to be wrapped up rapidly, the other day if possible to get everybody’s lives normal again and everyone happy.


      Builder Diary

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      • Urgent Builder in Auckland

      Full Building Calendar

      Our calendar was looking pretty full that week but we knew we had to do something quickly to get this situation sorted, the good news is we managed to fit them in.

      We all got families and basic humans needs and besides, I couldn’t stand to see a commy being used to cook a man’s allergy safe dinner. It deserves to be out crusin’ the streets of Henderson and Ranui.

      So yeah, it’s not hard to relate to the crisis going on and pulling in all the stops to support someone out.

      Plus those laid back tradies that squandered Aidan’s time tarnished and spat on the excellent reputation of builder’s all around New Zealand, therefore it wasn’t merely a personal mission, it was a mission to repair our shared reputation. Cause united we stand, divided we fall.

      5% off your next home reno if you get that reference.

        A Clear Schedule

        Having cleared up our schedule we discovered that we could drop in and produce our famous Auckland building services sooner than expected.

        Very first thing the next morning in fact, sweet aye – much to the homeowners and Aidan’s joy. From time to time it is the small things which makes being a builder well worth it.

        Seeing the relief on their faces made dropping some work and pulling favours much easier to swallow. Thee crate of woodies they produced helped a bit too.

        Upon seeing the job we saw exactly why nobody else was keen on the project.

        The prep work on the site was done by some monkey and it was all incorrect. We could see that in order to get our work done, we would first need to invest a couple of good hours just sorting the place before we could do anything.

        For some reason the tiles were already installed even though the old kitchen wasn’t even properly removed and the sparky had already fitted new led lights underneath the OLD cabinets.

        There was a massive hole in the floor where the fridge had fallen through the previous week and with the old extractor fan removed from the wall, I could see straight into the neighbours bedroom. Another 5% off if you guess what they were doing when I looked in.

        Sure, I admit I was experiencing some inner thoughts of regret for being the hero and taking this job on but on reflection it turned out perfect. Plus I took it as a challenge, if Auckland’s best builder couldn’t sort it, then who could? Maybe Bob the builder. He can fix anything really.


          Auckland Real Estate Realities

          Skip ahead a couple of hours and we got the majority of of the initial labour taken care of and more or less ready for the actual work to begin.

          All the old cabinets and new tiles were ripped out. Along with the contaminated GIB board and rotten ply wood that formed the floor.

          Time truly does fly when you’re making an effort and concentrating on the work at hand. It stops your mind from wandering and thinking about unnecessary things such as the Safari needing a new fuel filter or contemplating life’s great secrets like which type of curry is the best?

          Getting stuck in is a good thing from time to time aye. It’s gets ya paid too, who would have thought.

          By getting the preparation all sorted we could finally settle in to the real work and get the building done that we came out here to do.

          The prep worked helped a good deal with the job as we had a clean slate to work with.

          A lot of the bracers and joists were rotten through as well so we had to do ripping out more but three days later we had new gib up, the floor covered in new ply and tile underlay nailed down ready for the tilers to begin their magic.

          Another half day saw the modular kitchen installed and the sparky got called in to install the oven so the lady could cook properly.

          With my job finished, I got my team of various tradies to swoop in and complete their end. By the end of the following week she was all sorted and looking better than ever.

          And that had been just one more routine job of A C Builders. Auckland greatest house builders and renovators since no one. The life of a builders is undoubtedly a diverse and exciting one, as the next work diary will show.


            AC Builders were fantastic and we really appreciate the work they did to fit us into their schedule. We are very happy with the work that was completed and will be referring them to all our clients in the future.

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