At the end of last year, we had the honour of assisting Carl from Tilersplace and his tiling job. He was anxiously hunting for a builder after the booked business failed to show. The project was without a doubt running behind schedule and the retired couple living in the house didn’t have a working toilet. This project needed to be wrapped up promptly, the other day if possible to get every one’s lives normal again.

We had a lot on that week but with some clever maneuvering and pulling in a favour and passing a lead onto another local builder mate of ours, we was able to fit Carl and make them our most important priority. We all got families and fundamental humans needs so it’s not hard to relate to the disaster taking place and pulling in all the stops to support someone out. Plus those laid back tradies that wasted Carl’s time mired the excellent reputation of contractors through out New Zealand, so that it wasn’t only a personal mission, it had become a mission to revive our shared reputation.

Work Begins For Carl

Having cleared up our schedule we found out that we could stop by and produce our legendary Auckland city building service earlier than expected. Very first thing the following day actually, small wonder actually – much to the homeowners and Carl’s delight. From time to time it is the small things that makes being a builder well worth it. Seeing the smiles on their faces made dropping some work and pulling favours much easier to swallow.

Builders Auckland

Problems Start Quickly

When Carl showed me the place where we will be working I stopped and felt like running. Just call it a day straight away and declare “yeah nah sorry, can’t be done – goodluck” The area was entirely messed up with bits of debris and dirt that needed clearing before any work could be accomplished. This was meant to be an easy carpentry job in Remuera however it was evolving into a nightmare and we hadn’t even started any work!

Go forward a couple of hours and we got most of the initial work taken care of and more or less ready for the actual work to begin. Time truly does fly when you are making an effort and paying attention to the work at hand. It stops your mind from wandering and thinking about unnecessary things like the kids or contemplating life’s great secrets like should I buy Woodies or Lion Red tonight? Getting stuck in is a good thing from time to time aye.

Getting the Surface Prepped For Tiling

By using the preparation almost all taken care of we could at last settle in to the actual work and get the building done that we came here to do. It was a good thing we did the prep work as the actual job was quite a complex one with many techniques being pulled out of the hat.

In order for carl to lay tiles down in the bathroom, the bracers beneath the shower and bathtub had to be doubled. This old villa didn’t have nearly enough bracing and the floor was soft. Carl said the deflection in the tiles would be too great, even if he used flexible adhesive from Ardex and some Ditra mat, the tiles and grout could still crack.

We crawled underneath the house and amongst the spiders we banged in some new bracers and added clean new nails. A couple of hours later we got it all done and dusted, I let Carl know they’re able to being tiling and get that bathroom finished up.

That job ended up being all good in hindsight but what a rough experience it had been! You never what the day will bring in this job.