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Another day, another AC Builders project write up. I’m yet to see my posts going viral but I’m told it’s only a matter of time.

Building Job Details

Today I’m talking about a recent villa renovation that we are currently in Remuera, Auckland.

This was for another of my real estate customers ; House and Home. They’re Auckland real estate agents specialising in the buying and selling of vila’s and bungalows in Auckland. One side of their business does renovations for clients or their own private projects.

    Historical Villa Renovation Project

    This one was interesting, mainly due to it’s history. The project was actually started by another company but they dragged their feet and made a complete mess of it.

    While that was happening, the homeowner’s business went into liquidation and had to let go of the house.

    My customer House and Home purchased the house and decided to keep the project going, except with AC Bulders doing the work and project management.

    With an ultimate goal of restoring the villa to it’s orginal condition with new modern amenities like LED lighting throughout, central heating and air con, smart home features for every conceivable utility and about 6000 other things, this was going to be a major.

    Oh and they set a deadline for when they wanted the house on the market. It was going to be tight.

    It wasn’t exactly simple trying to slide this new  project into our work schedule but House and Home are old clients of ours and one that helped me get my business off the ground when I started back in the 90’s.

    After twenty years of working together, they have earned the privilege of getting their building project prioritised.  To get my calendar free enough to take on this project I had to get out my little black book (the contacts list in my iphone 5) and called around for the rest of the week.

    By the following Monday I had a couple builders working on my remaining projects to help bring them to a close. I would only need to project manage those various bathroom renovation jobs and deck builds.

    With that sorted I organised my core team at AC Builders to begin work on the Villa. I figured out early on I needed a few extra hands so I called up Mark from Project Homes to get a few of his builders to help.

    With that all sorted we began work on the Villa.


      Builder Diary

      • House and Home
      • Villa Restoration

      Working on the Auckland Villa

      Like all great tradies do, we had a good long yarn before getting to work to suss out properly what would have to be done first. It’s all good going in gung-ho and assaulting the challenge right away but that is how you find yourself screwing something up big time and that stuff results in expensive mistakes.

      I didn’t want this building job in Remuera to go poorly just as any other job that AC Builders does, I take pride in my building company and our service history. So yes, we had a good long chat and figured out a plan of attack. Many donuts were confused as we poored over the revised plans and try to make sense of what we were seeing in relation to what the previous builders did.

      Half a day later we all agreed it’d be best to just fully gut the house, including any new work and begin from scratch, fixing any rotten timbers along the way. With a team of experience builders and a few apprentices we got it all done quickly. Demolition is great fun really.

      A couple weeks later we were already installing the new joists and load bearing timbers to accommodate the large open plan kitchen and dining room that was envisioned for the cutting edge Auckland home.

      With the framing sorted we had the sparkies in to start laying out the new smart home features and all the modules required to run it. HVAC installers were in as well to get their ducting and piping in as well.

      This took much longer than expected. We started running two weeks behind schedule due to some of the sensors not working and new ones needing to be imported from Japan. Luckily my real estate agent actually understood this and pushed out the completion date.


        Bring The Auckland Villa To Life

        With the electrical and air conditioning things sorted for the time being we got onto insulation next and hired a reputable Auckland insulation company to come in and do their magic.

        I don’t enjoy the scratchy feeling of fibreglass shards in my skin plus these guys are so professional that they do it in half the time any of my guys could.


          Villa Building Renovation Completed

          One of the design briefs was for the house to be as sound proof as possible.

          Meaning no external sound intrusion and minimal sound extrusion from the inside. The house was going to have a $100k home theatre system with complete surround sound and Focal Utopia speakers put in.

          It was designed to be loud and good but also not annoy the neighbours. So Pink Batts silencer was used everywhere in the house alongside some industry level sound deadening materials used in professional music studios.

          Did I mention this house was going to be expensive? Yeah, it’s expensive. My brain hurts looking at the stack of invoices mounting up and we haven’t even started buying the fit out materials or the sound deadening GIB.

          That’s next on the list so wish us luck. I’ll keep you updated with the next stage of the build in the upcoming months.

          Thanks for following along and learning what your favourite Auckland home builders are up to.


            We were referred to AC Builders through a mutual company and decided to work with them on a recent Auckland villa restoration project. The process was seemless and they really showed their expertise.

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