Saving An Auckland House Movers Day

Hey you, ready for another exciting installment of AC Builders Work Diaries? I bet you’re not but my internet marketing company tells me that I need to write blogs every day so I rank number one in Google.

So Here I Am

In this work diary we’re talking about my good mate Jaime from Pro Moving Services and their house moving job located in Hobsonville Auckland.

Now I bet you are wondering why I’m helping the best and most trusted Auckland mover do their job since you know, I’m a builder and all. Well see the thing was that Jaime needed a wall bulldozed in a house that they were moving.

Then that wall needed to be rebuilt, stopped and painted before the new owners of the house moved in that weekend.

It was down to the wire this job but that’s what usually happens in the furniture moving game. I should know, my dad was a mover and so is my brother and my daughter. And you know why the wall had to be smashed down?

Because Jaime had to move the priceless Steinway Alma Tadema grand piano and it wouldn’t fit through the house. The owner said that the house was built around the thing, and now that he’s moving to Coatsville, he’s taking it with him of course.

Moving Job

So yeah, that was the deal and Jaime was in a bind. The moving job was without a doubt running behind schedule already and this particular job had to be completed quickly, yesterday if possible to get the house ready for the new owner.
As always we had a good deal on that week (I guess this blogging stuff really is working aye?

That or the $6k in Google Ads I spend every month) however with some clever manoeuvring and pulling in a favour and passing a lead onto another local builder pal of ours, we was able to fit Jaime in and make them our number one priority. He does a wicked job as a house mover and runs one of the tightest furniture moving businesses in the Auckland region so I had to help the guy out. He didn’t name his company Pro Moving Services for nothing after all.

I should have called my business Pro Builder Services but what can ya do, my safari is all sign written up with my current name so it’s too late now.
Having cleared up our timetable we drove down to Hobsonville and went inside the place to check out the wall in question. When Jaime showed me the place where we will be knocking down the wall I stopped and felt like running.

Just call it a day there and then and say “yeah nah sorry, cannot be done – goodluck” The wall was made out of brick with a steal beam running through it. Looked structural.
Last thing I wanted to do was knock out a load bearing wall and mess the whole house up.

My public liability insurance aint gonna cover a mistake like that. This was meant to be a simple building job job in Hobsonville point, however it was transforming into a nightmare and we hadn’t even began any work! I went outside to bang my head against the wall.

Pro Moving Services

A Few Hours Later

Skip forward a couple of hours and at that point I regained my sanity and figured out a plan B which was much safer to the house and my future financial status. Instead of knocking down the load bearing wall to allow the grand piano enough room to roll through, I got out my trusty Fat Max tape measure (gift from my daughter on father’s day) and discovered that the French windows had more than enough clearance to allow the piano through.

Removing the window without damage and refitting it and the trims would be heaps quicker, safer and cheaper compared to the original idea. See, that’s what ya get when you work with Auckland City Builders, we actually use our brains on occasion.
With the preparation pretty much all sorted we gently levered the window out and propped it up against the wall.

Jaime got his furniture truck backed up closer to the side of the house and everyone got a position behind the piano. With over 10 cm’s on both sides the piano slid out of the house and we all cheered. Then swore as lifting the thing into the truck was another matter entirely.

Piano Moved Safely

Leaving Jaime and his boys to pack the piano in safely, I got busy refitting the window and even managed to reuse the wooden trims.

Some builders filler sorted out the new nail holes I made and I’d send Brian from BJA Painting Services over the following day to smarten it up with some new paint. Boom, sorted like a pro.
And that was that.

Jaime got the piano moved over to Coatesville in one piece without any damage or loss of time. He truly is a pro and runs a great furniture moving company in Auckland, check him out next time you are moving or need some cargo hauled – he won’t let you down.

Another Job Done For AC Builders

So that was my day and the great Steinway Alma Tadema Caper. I’m glad it worked out fine in the end and we managed to get the thing out of the house otherwise I guess it would have stayed there forever.

Join me in another builders blog soon. I need to keep producing content so it goes viral and get’s so many social shares that everyone will be reading it. Cause that’s how content works don’t you know? You write it and everyone reads it. Then shares it on LinkedIn.

Even if it’s at the bottom of Google where no one will ever find it.


    AC Builders went above and beyond with their assistance in this project. Glad to get the wall removed and piano successfully moved into its new location.

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